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fearless action, physical indulgence, and elegant design

Chris Ferris & Dancers

Workshops/Lecture Demonstrations

35-06 88th Street, #5G

Jackson Heights, NY 11372

Chris Ferris & Dancers

Phone: 718-672-6965

E-mail: chris@chrisferrisdance.com

photo: Steven Schreiber

Chris Ferris is available for Dance Technique Classes incorporating exploration of movement ideas from our repertory.  Chris Ferris & Dancers also offers Improvisation/Composition Classes and Lecture Demonstrations that are appropriate for various age groups and populations. 

Whether teaching dance technique or creating a dance Ferris focuses on the dancer’s ability to dance without music.  Dancers are encourage to listen to themselves as they move creating sound that can be heard as well as “visual sound”.  This way the movement honestly comes from within and is not conducted from an outside source.  When music is incorporated the dancer becomes as influential an element as the musician who is playing with them and the process becomes a give and take situation.

The class’ warm up prepares dancers for moving into space with balance verses falling, using specific initiations while working the body as a whole.  Special concern is given to sculptural form and timings brought about by different energies and forces. Phrases are taught and then varied in size, force, velocity, and focus.  Can a soft tactile phrase be done with strength?  Can quick multidirectional movement be executed with spiraling flow?  Can a strong pounding phrase become light and have multi-faceted focus?  These dynamics can also be improvised upon so that we can see how many variations are created by individuals within a single phrase.  This exploration of the many ways that movement exists relates directly to the many ways we vary and alter our lives.

Chris Ferris has been teaching Pilates and working as a Massage Therapist in New York City for over 18 years.  She currently has a Private Practice.  Ferris brings this knowledge of bodies to her work as a Teacher of Dance.

photo: Devin Kirschner

photo: Steven Schreiber

photo: Steven Schreiber